Monday, 30 March 2015

Inch’Allah [God willing]

Photos (taken on residency in Senegal) from the online project that suddenly disappeared when the online platform (JUX) I used disbanded without warning:

PROJECT LAB 3 - c3 contemporary art space, Melbourne

Inch’Allah [God willing] is an everyday saying I’ve grown to love in Saint-Louis. Spoken mainly at the end of sentences as a way to agree without confirmation (let’s meet tomorrow – yes, Inch’Allah) or as a response to a question without a necessarily positive outcome (can I have your phone number? – Inch’Allah!) The answer is left to fate, Inch’Allah is chance. This project positions random images with random personal thoughts, much how living here has become. Nothing is processed with ease.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


'Death of a Swallow... Inch'Allah' 2014 Photograph, 31cm x 46 cm


Curator: Beata Geyer
Artists: Louise Blyton, Sue Callanan, Adrian Clement, Fiona Davies, Beata Geyer, Shavaurn Hanson, Joel Lambeth, Tom Loveday, Ian Milliss, Tobias Richardson, Margaret Roberts, Hayley West, Caroline Wilde, Kayo Yokoyama

The grouping of artists with very diverse art practices and approaches to art production explores the notion of magenta, both as concept and as percept, in various imaginative contexts. Artist and curator Beata Geyer presents this exhibition as a multi-layered installation where different artistic responses merge to create an exciting viewing experience. Magenta is contained not just within the pictorial or spatial spectrum but also within the conceptual multitude of perspectives and overlay of forms and dimensions. The interaction of colour between form, material, space and architecture unlocks the multitude of meanings attempting to define what magenta potentially is.

WEST Project Space
38 Railway Pde, Hazelbrook, New South Wales 2779

Saturday 7 March 2015, 2-4pm