Friday, 15 August 2014

PROJECT LAB 3 - c3 contemporary art space


Inch’Allah [God willing] is an everyday saying I’ve grown to love in Saint-Louis. Spoken mainly at the end of sentences as a way to agree without confirmation (let’s meet tomorrow – yes, Inch’Allah) or as a response to a question without a necessarily positive outcome (can I have your phone number? – Inch’Allah!) The answer is left to fate, Inch’Allah is chance. This project positions random images with random personal thoughts, much how living here has become. Nothing is processed with ease.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

le linceul (burial shroud)

The linceul is steadily growing with silvery fish scales. It's been a cathartic exercise during the sweat filled build-up like heat. I haven't returned to the beach many times, I find the dead bloated animals, roaming ghost nets and mountainess rubbish all too confronting. Waaw is my haven in front of a fan.