Monday, 24 February 2014

Di Sana Project - remnants of the dead and demands on the living

kitten skull, Leura

The Di Sana Project is open to participation from those who live in India, Indonesia or Australia. Projects explore storytelling, personal and social memories, place, identity, culture and related topics.

Please participate in my project! Explore here: Di Sana Project - Hayley West

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Monday, 3 February 2014

1 million years

In the Screen Room at NCCA...
22 March to 19 April, 2014 (Opening: Friday 21 March 6pm)

1 million years sees the return of another former Darwin-based artist to NCCA, with NSW-based Hayley West employing sculpture and video-based performance to address persistent themes in her work relating to the 'vestigial': the embodiment of memory, archive and grief. 

NCCA's Screen Room will become a 'makeshift temple' through fabric-based sculptures and a video work in which West performs a series of acts in a prehistoric-like 'grotto' setting in the Blue Mountains where she resides. These acts broadly suggest family histories, bereavement and the vestigial. 'By contextualising the vestigial into a contemporary art framework', states West, 'there is an attempt to alleviate grief, relax impending emotional upheavals, or assist in the recovery of supressed or avoided emotions'.