Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Karaoke Bedlam in QLD

ah brisvegas, what a hoot! the APT, MAAP & IMA events and openings, the continous champagne with straws, the avocado sushi performance, the trains... endless amusement!

Dear Hayley,
Thank you for auditioning for the Australian youth choir. Unfortunately, at this time your application has been unsuccessful. We had an overwhelming response at auditions, and there were hundreds of high quality applicants, but unfortunately only one position was to be offered. Your performance was promising, and with continued practice, we believe that one day you will be one of the lucky children to tour with us. We would like to encourage you to audition with us again in the future, and keep in mind it is extremely rare for us to accept a child on first audition. Membership of the choir is a very competitive and challenging role, and unfortunately this time you were not quite up to scratch. Thank you, and good luck with all of your future endeavours.
spat+loogie (on behalf of AYC)